Growth Track at Round Pen Cowboy Church




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Class 101 - Foundation

Church History - How we started
How we are governed
How to experience God an Community at Round Pen Cowboy Church
How to fulfill your purpose
What we believe - Our Statement of Faith
Becoming a member at Round Pen Cowboy Church and Membership Responsibilities
About the Ministries at Round Pen

Class 201 - Essentials - Ten Steps Towards Christ

Being born again
Water baptism and communion
Baptism in the Holy Spirit
Christian fellowship
Knowing God through His Word
A dynamic, daily prayer life
Hearing from God
Freedom from your past"Winning the battle over your mind

 Membership is offered after Class 201


Class 301 - Discovery- Discovering Your Identity in Christ

Knowing our personal identity and where it comes from
Our three greatest needs. 1) Forgiveness  2) to be set free  3) become a new person in Christ
Becoming who you are in Christ
Our common identity
Knowing your common identity and then discovering what your purpose in life is.


Class 401 - Ready To Serve on Team Represent - Join the Team

What is in the name Team Represent?
Responsibilities of Team Members
Becoming apart of Team Represent

Join a team to serve on.